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A place for institutions to describe their Archivematica deployments, share performance studies and describe their use cases and workflows.
This page has been moved to https://github.com/archivematica/archivematica-case-studies
Interested in contributing a case study to the wiki? Please follow these steps:
# If you don't already have one, [https://wiki.archivematica.org/Special:RequestAccount request a wiki account].
# Add a section by editing this page and then copying the template at the bottom of the page, replacing the placeholder text with your own (note: please add your section above the template).
# Save this page.
# Click on your newly-created link to add your case study to the new page.
Need assistance? Email us at ''info[at]artefactual[dot]com''.
For more information on MediaWiki formatting, please see: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Formatting
==Case study: Template==
'''Added by''': Your Name
'''Date added''': 2018-07-16
A short description of your case study - is this an implementation case study? A customization project? Did you focus on format policies? Give readers a brief idea of the topics you will cover.
'''More information''': link out to your own site or add a wiki page here using this convention: [[Community/CaseStudies/TemplateInstitution]] <-- replace ''TemplateInstitution'' with the name of your institution

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