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General description

Users can process digital content and then upload the DIP to CONTENTdm as the access system. To configure Archivematica to upload a DIP to CONTENTdm, see Administrator manual - CONTENTdm upload. Please note the user must create the target collection in CONTENTdm before uploading the DIP.

Should you run into an error during this process, please see Error handling.

More information on Archivematica's CONTENTdm integration is available on the Archivematica wiki: see CONTENTdm integration.

Transfer and Ingest

A transfer package has two directories “objects” and “metadata”. In the case of simple objects (e.g., single-page items), the “objects” directory contains files, and each of the files corresponds to a simple object. In the case of compound objects (e.g., books consisting of multiple pages), the “objects” directory has a directory for each compound object where all files for the compound item (e.g., pages of a book) are placed. In both cases, the “metadata” directory contains a CSV file that meets the metadata import specifications: Metadata import. Note that this file must be named metadata.csv. Figure 1 shows the directory structure of a transfer package of compound objects "CDMtest02".

Figure 1 Transfer package directory structure

Process the transfer in Archivematica using instructions in the Archivematica User Manual: User manual. Note that to create a DIP you must select "Normalize for access" or "Normalize for preservation and access" at the normalization step (unless you have included your own access copies in the transfer - see Digitization output in the user manual).

Upload DIP

Important note: The user must create the target collection in CONTENTdm before uploading the DIP. The user will need to indicate a target collection in order to send the DIP to the appropriate place during DIP upload. Also, target collections must have a field named "AIP UUID", which will be automatically populated with the UUID of the AIP containing the CONTENTdm item.

To upload a DIP directly from Archivematica to your CONTENTdm collection:

  1. In the Archivematica dashboard at “Upload DIP”, choose the action “Upload DIP to CONTENTdm” from the drop-down menu.
  2. At “Select target CONTENTdm server”, select your server.
  3. At “Select destination collection”, select your CONTENTdm collection.
  4. At "Select upload type (Project Client or direct upload)", select “Direct upload”.

Also refer to the “CONTENTdm DIP upload” section of the User Manual: Administrator manual - CONTENTdm DIP upload

To send a DIP to the project client:

  1. Follow steps 1-3 above, then at "Select upload type (Project Client or direct upload)", select “Project client".
  2. The DIP will be stored in /share/sharedDirectoryStructure/watchedDirectories/uploadedDIPs/CONTENTdm/. The user will need to move the DIP somewhere accessible to the CONTENTdm project client, then unzip it and process using normal CONTENTdm project client workflows.