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Storage Service 0.3.0

Released April 10th, 2014

Includes backend enhancements and API-level changes only, with no direct user facing changes

Archivematica 1.1

Released May 2, 2014

Archivematica 1.0

Release for public testing: September 2013 Package release: January 2014

New features

  • Format Policy Registry (FPR) improvements including
    • Ability to add/change format policies in the dashboard
    • Ability to update the local FPR from
    • Upload and report performance stats to FPR
    • For detailed information about the FPR, see Administrator manual--FPR
  • Generation of "fail" reports in the administrative tab of the dashboard
  • Eliminate unused interface options (e.g. DSpace transfer, CONTENTdm upload, ICA-AtoM upload) via the administrative tab of the dashboard
  • DIP upload to Archivist Toolkit Archivists Toolkit integration with a metadata entry gui in the dashboard and actionable PREMIS rights
  • AIP pointer file
  • Storage service with API
  • Ability to request to delete an AIP via the dashboard
  • Upgraded to FITS 0.62
  • Ability for multiple pipelines to write to a shared ElasticSearch index and to the same AIP store(s) (i.e. multiple dept's -> one institution)
  • Further scalability testing/prototyping and improved documentation

Bug fixes and enhancements