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* Spaces allowed in Archivist's Toolkit terms: #7606
* Spaces allowed in Archivist's Toolkit terms: #7606
* Accession ID fix: #7442
* Accession ID fix: #7442
* Full list of bug fixes:
* New Archivematica documentation website launch
* New Archivematica documentation website launch

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Archivematica 1.3.1

Released February 5, 2015

  • Bug fixes discovered during Pilot testing with hosted DuraCloud partners
  • Spaces allowed in Archivist's Toolkit terms: #7606
  • Accession ID fix: #7442
  • New Archivematica documentation website launch

Storage Service 0.6.0

Released February 5, 2015

New features

  • Improve logging #7683
  • Add exception handling, duplicate locations #7416
  • DuraCloud: Ability to fetch more than 1000 files from a space Pull Request 45
  • Allow storage of AIPs over 2GB Pull Request 53 #7311 (requires simple configuration change that can be customized)

Bug fixes

Archivematica 1.3.0

Released October 24, 2014

Important note: this is not a required upgrade from 1.2.x. Only new users, those wanting to try out 14.04, or DuraCloud account holders need this release.

New features

  • DuraCloud integration with the SS 0.5.0 release
    • Ability to store Archival Information Packages (AIPs) in DuraCloud
    • Ability to store Dissemination Information Packages (DIPs) in DuraCloud
    • Ability to synchronize a local copy with a remote copy in DuraCloud
  • Bug fixes from 1.2.2 release
  • Packaged with ffmpeg 2.4 #7243
  • Ubuntu 14.04 packages available for testing purposes, but not verified for production use

Storage Service 0.5.0

Released October 24, 2014

  • DuraCloud integration #7133
  • Ubuntu 14.04 packages available for testing purposes, but not verified for production use

New: Archivematica Dev Tools 0.0.1

Released October 24, 2014

  • Archivematica 1.3.0 is packaged with Archivematica Dev Tools, version 0.0.1. Dev Tools had already been available through GitHub but are now packaged with the release.

Archivematica 1.2.0

Released September 2014

New features

  • Sponsored (Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries) For COPPUL hosting functionality at Bronze level, ability to process through to Transfer backlog only
  • Sponsored (SFU Archives) SIP Arrangement - Create one or more SIPs from one or more transfers in the Ingest tab Transfer and SIP creation - #1726, #1571, #1713, #1035, #6022
    • does not support taking content out of a SIP once it's been moved to the SIP arrangement panel
  • Sponsored (Harvard Business School Library) Directory printer - See requirements Directory printer for recording original order
  • Sponsored (Harvard Business School Library) OCR - See requirements OCR text in DIP
  • Sponsored (Harvard Business School Library) Store DIP - See requirements Store DIP
  • Sponsored (Yale University Libraries) Forensic disk image ingest #5037, #5356, #5900
  • Sponsored includes identification and flagging of personal information in transfers, as well as other bulk extractor reporting functions
  • Add ability to configure Characterization commands via FPR https://github.com/artefactual/archivematica/pull/6
  • Add verification command micro-service (verify frame-level fixity and lossless compression) #6501
  • Improvements to transfer start #6220Scalability: Add nailgun (improve performance of java tools like FITS)
  • View pointer files from Archival Storage and Storage Service
  • Improvements to file identification metadata in METS #
  • Include TIKA #5027 and DROID in packages so FPR can be configured to use them as identification tools
  • Include MediaInfo, Exiftool and framemd5 (maybe ffprobe) for characterization and metadata extraction instead of FITS #5034
  • Support Dublin Core metadata in JSON (as well as csv, which was already supported) https://github.com/artefactual/archivematica/pull/14
  • Updated FIDO with the most recent PRONOM IDs ([Version 77]) released July 18th, 2014

Archivematica 1.2.0 runs with a new version of the Storage Service, 0.4.0.

New and Updated Tools



Storage Service 0.4.0

This release allows integration with LOCKSS storage, adds a fixity checking app to the backend, and includes several developer features as well as features required for future releases of the Archivematica dashboard.

New features

  • Sponsored (SFU Library) LOCKSS available as an AIP storage location using PLN Manager "LOCKSS-o-MATIC" (AIP storage / API plugin) #5425 PR15
  • Sponsored (SFU) Ability to configure transfer backlog locations via the Storage Service #6131 PR#9
  • Sponsored (Harvard Business School Library) Manage DIP storage PR11
  • Sponsored (Museum of Modern Art) Fixity checking app #6597 , 1109 PR13
  • View pointer files from Archival Storage and SS #5716 PR5


  • Optimizations in moving files between Locations #6248 PR4
  • Streamlined creation of new endpoints with decorators PR14
  • New dependency added unar (and lsar) used to add support for AIP's with multiple Extensions (e.g., aip.tar.gz) #6764 PR15


  • Setting Location path from the user interface #5608 PR10
  • Allow email address to be used as username #6674 PR12
  • Ability to change internal processing space #6819
  • Editing users no longer results in server error #6717

Storage Service 0.3.0

Released April 10th, 2014

Includes backend enhancements and API-level changes only, with no direct user facing changes

Archivematica 1.1

Released May 2, 2014

New features

Bug fixes and enhancements

Archivematica 1.0

Release for public testing: September 2013 Package release: January 2014

New features

  • Format Policy Registry (FPR) improvements including
    • Ability to add/change format policies in the dashboard
    • Ability to update the local FPR from fpr.archivematica.org
    • Upload and report performance stats to FPR
    • For detailed information about the FPR, see Administrator manual--FPR
  • Generation of "fail" reports in the administrative tab of the dashboard
  • Eliminate unused interface options (e.g. DSpace transfer, CONTENTdm upload, ICA-AtoM upload) via the administrative tab of the dashboard
  • DIP upload to Archivist Toolkit Archivists Toolkit integration with a metadata entry gui in the dashboard and actionable PREMIS rights
  • AIP pointer file
  • Storage service with API
  • Ability to request to delete an AIP via the dashboard
  • Upgraded to FITS 0.62
  • Ability for multiple pipelines to write to a shared ElasticSearch index and to the same AIP store(s) (i.e. multiple dept's -> one institution)
  • Further scalability testing/prototyping and improved documentation

Bug fixes and enhancements