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[[Main_Page|Home]] > [[Release_Notes|Release Notes]] > Archivematica 1.9 and Storage Service 0.14 release notes
[[Main_Page|Home]] > [[Release_Notes|Release Notes]] > Archivematica 1.9 and Storage Service 0.14 release notes
'''March 6, 2019'''
Release date: '''March 6, 2019'''
==Supported environments==
==Supported environments==

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Home > Release Notes > Archivematica 1.9 and Storage Service 0.14 release notes

Release date: March 6, 2019


Supported environments

Please see installation instructions link here.

Archivematica 1.9 and Storage Service 0.14 are supported for production use in the following environments:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Server Edition
  • Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit Server Edition
  • CentOS 7 64-bit

For development purposes, most of our developers prefer to use Docker containers. These and all above supported environments are linked from the installation instructions above.


AIP Migration

This feature creates a new endpoint for the storage service API. It will allow a client to make a request to the API to move an AIP from one storage location to another storage location (of the same type). The storage service is aware of the move so there is no need to re-index (compared to moving AIPs manually).

The primary issue for this change is archivematica/Issues: Issue 71

This work was sponsored by the Museum of Modern Art. Thank you!

Stored DIP deletion

This enhancement adds a new option to delete a DIP to the storage service user interface.

This change is described by artefactual/archivematica-storage-service: Issue #319

Documentation here.

This work was sponsored by Simon Fraser University Archives. Thank you!


Increased Internationalization

Archivematica 1.7 included user interface translation support (see PR 506). This work covered a large majority of the user interface but did not include the text describing jobs executed as part of the microservices. Those text descriptions are held in the application database making it difficult to maintain multiple translations.

This change will move these text descriptions out of the database into json files. This will make it much easier to add new translations and maintain them over time.

Please note that while we transition to a new platform for translation we are currently not accepting any newly translated strings for Archivematica. For more info please see:

This enhancement is described by artefactual/archivematica: Issue 1101

This work was sponsored in part by the Canadian Council of Archives. Thank you!

Backend FPR changes

The Django app for the FPR was difficult to maintain so it has been moved to the dashboard.

Issues: Issue 181 and Issue 213

File identification changes

To address an issue with file identification we have implemented a change in how file identification tools are chosen in this release. Users now enable their chosen command (Fido, Siegfried or file extension) in Preservation Planning, and the processing configuration decision is now simply whether or not to identify the files. This brings file identification more in line with other FPR rules and processing configuration decisions.

Instructions on change the identification command in the FPR are available here.


  • Dataverse- Can't answer 'yes' to 'Delete Packages After Extraction': Issue 269
  • Dataverse- Multiple authors not captured in Dataverse METS: Issue 278
  • Logged-in user not being captured as PREMIS agent Issue 529
  • html lang attribute always reads 'en' (English): Issue 297
  • Dashboard API returns 500 error when unit status cannot be determined: Issue 216
  • Errors in start_transfer API request do not return useful JSON responses Issue 354 - community contribution by Hillel Arnold- thank you!
  • Pressing "Return" keyboard button in Archival Storage search sends previously used term as search input Issue 271
  • AIP store fails if PREMIS agent name has accented characters Issue 260
  • pip problems when deploying SS with ansible Issue 455
  • Dashboard can't connect to MCPServer after a period of inactivity Issue 464
  • Manually normalized preservation derivatives cannot be validated Issue 331
  • AIC number added via form in Transfer tab does not get saved Issue 311
  • Restructure DIP for CONTENTdm fails Issue 333
  • AIP storage locations not correctly shown in "Job: Store AIP location" Issue 456
  • Dashboard status API can return status 'PROCESSING' for completed SIPs Issue 262
  • Cannot connect to ArchivesSpace with non-standard connection details Issue 409

And more! Please see Github for a complete list of fixes in this release.

Upgraded tools and dependencies

  • Elasticsearch has been upgraded from version 1.x to version 6.x. This should improve performance and ease security concerns with the previous version of Elasticsearch. If you are upgrading Archivematica from a previous version, please be sure to follow the upgrade instructions here.
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