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Primarily a bugfix release - August 1st, 2017.

This is the first Archivematica release to provide packages for Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial). Support for xenial is considered beta. Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty) and CentOS 7.x are also supported.

Tool Updates[edit]

  • Support for PRONOM 90
  • siegfried updated to version 1.7.3
  • FIDO updated to version 1.3.6
  • ffmpeg updated to version 3.3.2 (Ubuntu only)

Archivematica 1.6.1[edit]

  • Sponsored (Rockefeller Archive Center) Object Level Premis Rights Import - PR575 Docs
  • Sponsored (Canadian Centre for Architecture) Update METS to encode in UTF-8 instead of ASCII - Issue #11163 PR541
  • Sponsored (Canadian Centre for Architecture) Increase Elasticsearch timeout limit - Issue #11294 PR556
  • Sponsored (University of Saskatchewan Library) Allow UTF8-encoded transfer directory names - Issue #10712 PR520

Archivematica Storage Service 0.10.1[edit]

  • Sponsored (University of British Columbia Library) Improvements to editing pipelines - PR194
  • Sponsored (City of Vancouver Archives) Correctly update pointer files when reingesting uncompressed AIP's PR203 PR214
  • Update Bagit-python to version 1.5.4 PR207