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Release date: ???



Please see the installation instructions.

Archivematica 1.13.0 and Storage Service 0.18.0 have been tested in the following environments:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit Server Edition
  • CentOS 7 64-bit

Please note that we've dropped support for Ubuntu Linux 16.04 since it reached the end of its five-year LTS window on April 30th 2021. We're planning to add support for Ubuntu 20.04 in the short term.

For development purposes, most of our developers prefer to use Docker containers. These and all above environments are linked from the installation instructions above.


Disableable virus scanning

Virus scanning can now be disabled from the processing configuration.

This change was contributed by Bodleian Library. Thank you!

Purge management command

A new management command has been added to provide a mechanism to remove old processing data from the system filling up the application database and search indices.

Strong password validation

Archivematica and the Storage Service can now require strong passwords for user accounts. Prompts are given when creating a new user if the password doesn't meet the requirements.

This feature was sponsored by the City of Winnipeg Archives. Thank you!

Audit logging capability

This addition allows audit logs to be written to third party applications- Artefactual Systems' implementation of this is in a new application called Auditmatica. The change in Archivematica and the Storage Service is only to facilitate the capture of audit logging information in other applications.

This addition was sponsored by the City of Winnipeg Archives. Thank you!

Customized workflow file

This feature allows the user to indicate the location/existence of a customized workflow document, in json. This would allow institutions to add to the Archivematica workflow (e.g. custom micro-services) in a way that is easier to maintain through upgrades. Developer documentation is pending.


Python 3

All Archivematica components are now running on Python 3.6.

Archivematica Storage Service now uses MySQL by default

MySQL is now the default database in Archivematica Storage Service. SQLite is still supported but we encourage users to migrate. We have documented the process: Migrating data from SQLite to MySQL.

Allow replicated AIPs to be packaged in a different format from the original

By using an offline replica storage space it is now possible to replicate AIPs in a different packaging format than the original AIP (helpful in use cases such as offline tape storage, etc).

This change was sponsored by Norwegian Health Archives. Thank you!

Tasks will open in one tab only

Now instead of opening multiple tabs every time a user clicks on a task gear, they will all open in one new tab.

This change was contributed by Bodleian Library. Thank you!

Dev tools deprecated / Hiding active packages



Due to maintainability issues, we have removed the devtools repo. The most commonly used dev tool was used for resolving hidden transfers, which should no longer be relevant since resolving Issue 1446- active transfers or SIPs can no longer be hidden. However as a precaution, we have made that command available within Archivematica (

DIP storage locations now allowed in S3 spaces

This is a contribution by Fashion Institute of Technology NYC. Thank you!

Other changes


Please see the 1.13 milestone in GitHub for all issues addressed in this release:

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