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* Update to PRONOM v.95 https://github.com/archivematica/Issues/issues/791
* Update to PRONOM v.96 https://github.com/archivematica/Issues/issues/791
==Known issues==
==Known issues==

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March ## 2020

Supported environments

Please see the installation instructions.

Archivematica 1.11 and Storage Service 0.16 are supported for production use in the following environments:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Server Edition
  • Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit Server Edition
  • CentOS 7 64-bit

For development purposes, most of our developers prefer to use Docker containers. These and all above supported environments are linked from the installation instructions above.


PREMIS Event import

This feature allows the import of PREMIS events which took place prior to processing in Archivematica. The PREMIS events are written in an xml format (see sample data) and placed in the metadata folder of a transfer. The PREMIS events are then written to the AIP METS file.

This work was sponsored by Piql and the Norwegian Health Archives. Thank you!

S3 as a transfer source

This allows an Amazon S3 space to be used as a transfer source location. This feature is a community PR from Wellcome Collection. Thank you!

Easier access to AIP METS

This feature add a "View METS" button in the user interface when viewing an AIP in Archival Storage. The METS file is then downloaded to your desktop for your viewing pleasure.

Zipped transfers

This is a new transfer type that enables a zipped (non-bagged) package to be a transfer. Similar to the zipped bag transfer, the name of the package is used as the transfer name. This is a community contribution by Wellcome Collection. Thank you!

Add package name as configurable value to call backs

When using AIP, AIC, and DIP store callbacks, the package_name is now a configurable value. This is a community contribution from Concordia University Libraries, who developed this to facilitate an EPrints to Archivematica workflow. Thank you!


Performance and monitoring improvements

This is a collection of issues fixed that improve performance for processing at scale, and also enable performance monitoring through external applications such as Prometheus and Grafana.

These updates have been sponsored by Piql and the Norwegian Health Archives. Thank you!

Improvements for full disks

Managing workflows when various spaces on the disk fill up is a recognized pain point for Archivematica users. This project makes three overall changes to storage space reporting in Archivematica and the Storage Service in an effort to mitigate these issues:

  • Change the processing storage usage page to clarify storage paths/locations and improve usability
  • Improve the transfer source location and AIP storage location pages to clarify storage paths/locations and improve usability
  • Change Storage Service functionality to support the above changes.

Changes to default normalization for videos/images

Archivematica's default FPR normalization rules were creating in some cases very large video files for arguably no sound preservation reason. After discussion and community consultation, we have removed default video normalization rules. Users can still "opt in" to the rules but they are not enabled by default in new or upgraded installations. Any custom changes you have made to your own FPR will still be maintained after upgrade. We also removed default rules for preservation for PNG, JPG, GIF and DNG still images. For full details and affected formats, see this comment in the issue ticket.

Allow users to choose whether to receive fail report emails

Users can now be configured to either receive fail report emails or not (previously all users received the emails). This is a community contribution from Hillel Arnold at Rockefeller Archive Center- thank you!

Change name of sanitize names micro-service

Following reading a paper by Elvia Arroyo-Ramirez we decided to change the name of this micro-service and align it more with the Library of Congress events vocabulary. The micro-service now displays as "Change transfer filenames" and "Change SIP filenames" in the Transfer and Ingest tabs respectively.

Drop-down menu orders

In short, the order of options in drop down menus were all over the place and it was driving us nuts so we finally tried to put them in more logical orders.



As discussed on the community forum the quarantine micro-service has been removed from Archivematica in this release.

Add next disk image button

This button seemed redundant to the workflow so it's been removed.


And more! See https://github.com/archivematica/Issues/milestone/11 for full list of issues addresses in the 1.11 release.

Upgraded tools and dependencies

Known issues

Please note that due to Issue 1149 the package replication functionality in the Storage Service does not work in this release. We anticipate fixing in the near future in a point release.

End of life dependencies

Python 2 has reached end of life. The Archivematica delivery team along with a number of community contributors has been working on upgrading this dependency. This release merges all Python 3 code that was ready in advance of the release, while still supporting Python 2. Components which have been upgraded and/or tested using Python 3 include:

We will continue to work toward full Python 3 use in upcoming releases.