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Released: August ?, 2012 (Download)

New features

  • Update to ubuntu 12.04 LTS as the base operating system
  • DIP upload to CONTENTdm: CONTENTdm integration (Mark Jordan) (See mockup Upload_DIP#Mockup_of_Export_DIP)
  • Indexing and search of all AIP contents
  • Export of PREMIS rights metadata to Qubit
  • Email handling improvements
    • Maildir ingest
  • Ability to create user accounts
  • Customize DIP upload locations (eg ICA-AtoM vs CONTENTdm)
  • Grouped jobs into micro-services
  • Add ability to accept transfers in Bagit format: Bag ingest
  • Updated to PREMIS 2.2 in the rights module

Bug fixes and enhancements

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