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Release: April 29, 2013 | Download | Screencast | Roadmap |

New features

  • Format Policy Registry (FPR)Format Policy Registry (FPR) including ability to edit format policies from the preservation planning tab, view default and local policies in the dashboard,
  • Choose between FITS output from DROID, JHOVE, exiftool or file extension as the file identification basis for normalization
  • Use PRONOM ID as basis unique identifier for all source formats (incl. format versions);
  • Manual normalization workflow
  • Email handling improvements
  • Advanced search screens for searching AIP contents
  • Administrative setting of PREMIS agent and capture logged-in user as PREMIS agent
  • Transfer backlog functionality including adding an accession number, sending indexed transfers to backlog in Archival storage, and search and retrieval of transfers from backlog for Ingest via dashboard interface
  • User-friendly template to configure workflow processing settings in dashboard
  • Emailing of "fail" reports
  • Automated transfer and ingest processing
  1. Manage a transfer backlog that can be stored like AIP storage with transfer(s) pulled for processing in the Ingest tab at a later date Transfer_backlog_requirements
    1. Re-design transfer backup micro-service so it supports managing a backlog #1606
    2. Accession number should be entered when a transfer is started #1844
    3. Add transfer backlog search tab #1912

Data management

  1. Ability to (re)build ES index from AIP store (for pre 1.0 installs & in event of data corruption/loss) - #1870

AIP management

  1. AIP retrieval (whole or part) and delivery - #1846 Verified and Advanced_AIP_index_search
  2. Ability to configure and select multiple AIPstore locations #4443 Verified
  3. Allow multiple Archivematica instances to write ES files to the same AIP store #4569


  1. Enhancements to CONTENTdm -Metadata import
  2. Data and user settings migration
  3. Ingest of TRIM transfers - TRIM exports
  4. Upload original filename to ICA-AtoM instead of cleaned up filename #1593


  1. Management of persistent MCP metadata that does not end up in AIP - #1537
  2. Improve multi-node processing #4446
  3. Further scalability testing/prototyping (switch to CEPH?) #4447
  4. Improved scalability testing documentation #4448
  5. Make processing configuration configurable in the administration tab of the dashboard in user-friendly interface (currently xml) [ #4605]
  • Update to ubuntu 12.04 LTS as the base operating system
  • Web browser dashboard interface replacing most of the file browser functionality
  • DIP upload to CONTENTdm
  • Indexing and search of all AIP metadata using ElasticSearch
  • Rights module update to PREMIS 2.2
  • Email handling improvements and prototype ingest of maildir
  • Ability to create user accounts
  • Automatic restructuring of transfer for compliance
  • In dashboard, grouped jobs into micro-services
  • Ability to ingest Library of Congress Bagit format
  • Nightly backup of MCP MySQL database
  • Scalability ehnancements: see Scalability testing.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Issue #585 Eliminate dialogs, open task reports in seperate tab #585