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Main Page > Software > Release Notes > Archivematica 0.10 Release Notes

Release: April 29, 2013 | Download | Screencast | Roadmap |

New features

  • Update to ubuntu 12.04 LTS as the base operating system
  • Web browser dashboard interface replacing most of the file browser functionality
  • DIP upload to CONTENTdm
  • Indexing and search of all AIP metadata using ElasticSearch
  • Rights module update to PREMIS 2.2
  • Email handling improvements and prototype ingest of maildir
  • Ability to create user accounts
  • Automatic restructuring of transfer for compliance
  • In dashboard, grouped jobs into micro-services
  • Ability to ingest Library of Congress Bagit format
  • Nightly backup of MCP MySQL database
  • Scalability ehnancements: see Scalability testing.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Issue 185 Merge multiple layers in image files into single jpeg access copies
  • Issue 304 Transcoding with Open Office fails periodically
  • Issue 575 Client can configure their timezone to offset the date/time in the dashboard.
  • Issue 673 during reinstall archivematica-mcp-client fails
  • Issue 694 The archivematica VM's should include a timesync mechanism
  • Issue 980: Check tasks, microservices and dropdown menus for naming clarity and consistency
  • Issue 722 Add Administration tab to configure workflows
  • Issue 777 Browser periodically fails to refresh when running a micro-service
  • Issue 860 Rights granted restriction is a repeatable field.
  • Issue 865 Archivematica freezes if transfer directory name has apostrophe
  • Issue 869 Omitting termOfGrant startDate in rights causes generate METS.xml micro-service to fail
  • Issue 872 In rights list page for SIP, column on right hand side is confusing
  • Issue 875 Inconsistent normalization failure on pdf in submissionDocumentation
  • Issue 885 Three locations of apache.default
  • Issue 886 Make overiding the default assigned threads by core count configurable.
  • Issue 887 Make Approval steps different colour
  • Issue 892 Uploaded objects should have filename as title
  • Issue 894 Microservices failing to connect to the mysql database.
  • Issue 897 Integrate Transcoder into MCP
  • Issue 902 Remove mac icon files automatically on ingest
  • Issue 903 Ensure latest version of tutorial is included in demo/Docs
  • Issue 906 When access normalization fails, a copy of the original file should be placed in the DIP
  • Issue 910 Remove hidden files during transfer
  • Issue 913 Description doesn't match command.
  • Issue 918 Choosing "No normalization" results in failure at Prepare AIP
  • Issue 927 Make compression a processing decision option
  • Issue 932 Make DIP upload destination a selectable or configurable option
  • Issue 934 When micro-service fails but transfer or SIP continues processing, icon shows fail at the end instead of success
  • Issue 935 Rejected transfers or SIPs have icon showing that processing was completed
  • Issue 937 Order structMap contents alphabetically as default
  • Issue 939 Enclose fptr elements in divs in METS structMap
  • Issue 943 Mysql connection issues.
  • Issue 944 Give option to restructure for compliance when failing compliance.
  • Issue 950 Make action items larger
  • Issue 955 Generate thumbnails
  • Issue 958 Improve user manual instructions for error handling
  • Issue 962 Ingest maildir backups and convert to mbox for access
  • Issue 969 Dashboard search functionality
  • Issue 972 Replace isPartOf with Relation in DC template
  • Issue 976 Replace pyinotify watched directories, with something that compares list of files.
  • Issue 977 Add user-supplied structMap to AIP METS file
  • Issue 978 During DSpace transfer processing user asked to approve load of non-existent file_labels.csv
  • Issue 980 Check tasks, microservices and dropdown menus for naming clarity and consistency
  • Issue 983 Replace -vpre normal in mp4 normalization command with new preset
  • Issue 984 Access normalization fails in digitization workflow when filenames have periods in them
  • Issue 985 Use version of ffmpeg instead of avconv
  • Issue 986 Consolidate technical documentation into an administrator's manual
  • Issue 991 Make sure blank value doesn't generate NaN in task popup data fields
  • Issue 992 Add View METS and View AIP option at Store AIP task
  • Issue 993 Add View normalization report and View normalized files option at Approve normalization task
  • Issue 995 Swap click behavior of SIP row and magnifying glass icon
  • Issue 998 Log MCP normalization output
  • Issue 1001 Make user selectable replacement dic append, not replace.
  • Issue 1004 Eliminate side info panels from dashboard andhome page
  • Issue 1009 Include empty directories in BAG.
  • Issue 1010 Resolve: two "CREATE TABLE StandardTasksConfigs"
  • Issue 1011 Add default Archivematica structMap label to distinguish from user-supplied structMap
  • Issue 1021 Make Archival Storage Tab load from db
  • Issue 1025 Test date fields with dates before 1970
  • Issue 1026 Make defaultProcessingMCP.xml configurable in the administration tab.
  • Issue 1035 Line up micro-service names
  • Issue 1036 Change Dspace transfer folder name and micro-service
  • Issue 1040 When ingested file is already in an access format, the file is not added to the DIP
  • Issue 1042 Remove default normalization to .odt for .rtf files
  • Issue 1044 Remove "None microservice"s
  • Issue 1046 Office doc normalization failing on x32 installs
  • Issue 1057 DC file not added to METS
  • Issue 1081 Fix numerical indicators on the dashboard so they are on proper tab.
  • Issue 1082 Verify file id classifications of preservation or access formats.