Archival Storage (0.5)

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AD6 Receive AIP

File:Archivematica AD6 ReceiveAIP v2.pdf

Workflow diagram step Description UML diagram references
AIP is copied to shared folder on host machine. 6.5 Receive AIP
  • This assumes that /home/demo/storeAIP has been set up as a shared folder.
    • The purpose of shared folders is to allow the Producer to drop SIPs into a folder on their host machine or network and have the SIPs automatically appear in a folder in Archivematica, and vice versa.
    • For instructions on setting up shared folders, please go to Virtual appliance instructions.
    • Neither the folder name nor any of the filenames should include spaces or special characters. Underscores are ok.

AD8 ProvideAIP

File:Archivematica AD8 ProvideAIP v1.pdf

Workflow diagram step Description UML diagram references
Archivist copies AIP to DIP generation folder
  • Copy the AIP from /home/demo/storeAIP/ to /home/demo/generateDIP/.
UC-2.6 Provide Data provides copies of stored AIPs to Access>Generate DIP
DIP is uploaded into Qubit
  • Archivematica automatically uploads the DIP into Qubit.