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[edit] AD6 Receive AIP

Archivematica UML Activity diagram AD6 Receive AIP

Step Implementation Notes
6.1 Receive storage request (UC-2.1)
6.2 Select storage device or volume (UC-2.1, UC-2.2)
Storage not available 6.3 Send notice of storage request denial
Storage available 6.4 Prepare storage device or volume (UC-2.1)
6.5 Receive AIP
6.6 Check AIP integrity
Fail 6.7 Send notice of transfer failure
Fail 6.8 Destroy AIP
Pass 6.9 Copy AIP to storage device or volume
6.10 Check AIP integrity
6.11 Copy AIP to backup media (UC-2.5)
6.12 Check backup AIP integrity
6.13 Store backup AIP copy in physically separate facility (UC-2.5)
6.14 Send notice of successful AIP storage and backup

[edit] AD7 Receive AIP

Archivematica UML Activity diagram AD7 Store AIP

Step Implementation Notes
7.1 Conduct error check on all AIP copies (UC-2.4)
7.2 Send error check report (UC-2.4)
7.3 Replace storage media (UC-2.3)
7.4 Provide operational statistics (UC-2.7)

[edit] AD8 Provide AIP

Archivematica UML Activity diagram AD8 Provide AIP

Step Implementation Notes
8.1 Receive request for AIP (UC-2.6)
8.2 Retrieve AIP
8.3 Send AIP (UC-2.6)

[edit] AD9 Recover AIP

Archivematica UML Activity diagram AD9 Recover AIP

Step Implementation Notes
9.1 Retrieve AIP from backup media
9.2 Check integrity
9.3 Check usability
9.4 Select most reliable copy of content information
9.5 Generate AIP Go to AD4 Generate AIP
9.6 Transfer AIP to archival storage Go to AD5 Transfer AIP to archival storage
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