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The Appraisal Tab is being designed as a javascript application, written using AngularJS.

UI Components[edit]

Several UI components are required including things like:

  • TreeView
  • Visualation Tools (pie charts, etc)

In selecting a TreeView component, there are several pre-existing options to pick from, each with different strengths and drawbacks. For example:

1) Angular version - there seem to be more TreeView components that work with Angular 1.2 than 1.3, is that going to be true for other types of UI components? How important is it to have well developed and stable components (which probably implies older version of Angular) vs the pain of upgrading Angular Versions later?

2) Well supported - picking a component that looks like it has some developer support will continue to evolve seems like a plus

3) Features - Are there TreeView components that have more features, or are missing features?

4) Scalability - can the component work to display sets with thousands of items? This might be something that is less about the component, and more about how it is used though?

5) Visual Appearance - does it look good and fit into the UI in a way we like?

I don't think these are the only or the best criteria (for example, the features might be better to itemize, and compare one by one).

Component Angular Support Dev/Community Support Scalability Visual Appearance Features (missing or extra)
angular-ui-tree 1.2 good ? low ?
ng-js-tree poor? good ? low ?
angular-tree-control 1.2 good ? low ?
angular.treeview 1.2 good ? low ?
angular-ui-tree 1.2 good ? low ?