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AD16 Update Archival Information

File:Archivematica AD16 UpdateArchivalInformation v1.pdf

Step Implementation Notes
16.1 Receive change requests, procedures and tools (UC-4.3) Theoretical example: a new version of Xena has come out which fully normalizes scalable vector graphics (SVG) files. The new version of Xena has been added to the system and the change request is to renormalize SVG files.
16.2 Request DIP(s) (UC-4.3)
  • Create a new folder: /home/demo/updateDIP/.
  • Click Places > Search for Files in Ubuntu's main menu (top left-hand corner of the screen) and search on the term "svg" in /home/demo/archivalstorage/.
16.3 Receive DIP(s) (UC-4.3)
  • Create a new folder: /home/demo/updateDIP/2009_0001_03/.
  • Copy the SVG files to this folder. Use md5sum to ensure the files were copied without error.
Not really sure where to take this so not going any further. The idea is to resubmit as SIP, add them back to the AIP and renormalize them (theoretically). But it seems like a lot of effort to resubmit these as SIPs - do they go through quarantine, format identification and validation and all that again? Xena could just go in and grab SVG files and normalize them right within the AIP, for example.
16.4 Update DIP content (UC-4.3)
16.5 Create SIP(s) (UC-4.3)
16.6 Submit SIP(s) for ingest (UC-4.3)
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