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Activity diagram 13 Deliver DIP[edit]

Archivematica UML Activity diagram AD13 Deliver DIP

Workflow diagram step Description Activity diagram references
Consumer queries Qubit
  • Enter a search query into Qubit's search box.
13.6 Query database (UC-6.6)
Qubit provides query results
  • Qubit will provide a list of results in response to the query. To view the full record (i.e. to go to the "View archival descriptions screen") for each result, click on the blue link in the list of search results.
13.7 Receive query result(s) and/or reports (UC-6.6, UC-6.7)
Consumer downloads DIP
  • Click on the thumbnail icon in the "View archival description" screen.
  • To view the DIP, open the file.
  • To save the DIP to your desktop, save the file.
13.10 Send DIP (UC-6.8)