0.9 code freeze

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Issues which must be resolved before 0.9 code freeze:


  • Issue 1107: "Start transfer" doesn't work with Dspace transfers.
  • Issue 1106: In transfer tab, show zipped files in select transfer directory.
  • Issue 1043: User can't isolate specific normalization errors.


  • Issue 1113: If user chooses preservation normalization only, SIP processing stops after normalization is approved.
  • Issue 593: Add ability to ingest bagit transfers. See last comment: zipped bag does not proceed to ingest after transfer processing is completed.
  • Issue 1115: When processing bag transfers, automatic quarantine config setting not recognized.
  • Issue 1116: "Normalize service files for access" not working.
  • Issue 1082: Verify file id classifications of preservation or access formats.
  • Issue 1120: Set default DIP upload url to ICA-AtoM rather than Qubit.
  • Issue 1125: In PREMIS file, change default agent identifier value from Archivematica 0.8 to Archivematica 0.9.
  • Issue 1126: "Normalize service files for access" normalization report incomplete


  • Issue 1121: Can't upload DIP.
  • Issue 1123: Remove "Forgot your password?" from user login.