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This how to is provided in addition to the user manual.


Restart Archivematica

In a single client environment (If you're not, sure use this one.)

  • Stop the server. This will disconnect all the clients, forcing them to stop as well.
sudo stop archivematica-mcp-server
  • Start the server.
sudo start archivematica-mcp-server
  • Start the client.
sudo start archivematica-mcp-client

In a multi-client environment

  • Do single client envirnoment steps on the server (Server needs to be running before clients can connect).
  • Restart each of the clients.
sudo start archivematica-mcp-client

Restore a SIP backup

TODO http://code.google.com/p/archivematica/issues/detail?id=546

Modify workflow, to not generate a DIP

These changes will need to be made in the MCP config files, located: /etc/archivematica/MCPServer/mcpModulesConfig/

These steps will still appear in the dashboard, but their commands will be skipped.

The following modification will need to be done to these mcpModulesConfig/xml configs:

Create DIP directory

Set the exe Command to skip.



Set the exe Command to skip. Note: this doesn't disable preservation normalization, which is done in the <verificationCommand>.


Copy METS to DIP directory

Set the exe Command to skip.


Generate DIP

Set the exe Command to skip.


Change the checksum type used in the AIP bagit

open for editing: /etc/archivematica/MCPServer/mcpModulesConfig/Prepare AIP.xml

sudo mousepad /etc/archivematica/MCPServer/mcpModulesConfig/Prepare\ AIP.xml

In commands, in execCommand, change the argument for --payloadmanifestalgorithm from "sha512" to a bagit supported checksum algorythm, ie: md5, sha256, sha1.

<arguments>create "%SIPDirectory%%SIPName%-%SIPUUID%.zip" "%SIPLogsDirectory%" "%SIPObjectsDirectory%" "%SIPDirectory%METS.xml" "%SIPDirectory%metadata/" --writer zip --payloadmanifestalgorithm "sha512"</arguments>

Save and restart archivematica. http://archivematica.org/wiki/index.php?title=0.7.1_How-To#Restart_Archivematica

External Disk Transfers

TODO http://code.google.com/p/archivematica/issues/detail?id=132

Manual Normalization

TODO http://code.google.com/p/archivematica/issues/detail?id=464

Add/Remove Extensions from inPreservationFormat/inAccessFormat

open for editing: /usr/lib/archivematica/transcoder/transcoderNormalizer.py

sudo mousepad /usr/lib/archivematica/transcoder/transcoderNormalizer.py

Update these two functions:

def inAccessFormat():
    ex=["CSS", "CSV", "HTML", "TXT", "XML", "XSL", \
        "MP3", "PDF", "JPG", "MPG"]
    return transcoder.fileExtension.__str__().upper() in ex

def inPreservationFormat():
    ex=["CSS", "CSV", "HTML", "TXT", "XML", "XSL", \
        "JP2", "PNG", \
        "SVG", "WAV", "TIF", "PDF", "ODP", "TIF", "MXF", "ODT", "ODS", "MBOX", "IMBOX", "AI" ]
    return transcoder.fileExtension.__str__().upper() in ex


  • The "\" indicates the array continues on the next line.
  • Extensions must be in upper case to work

Add user to the archivematica group

sudo gpasswd -a "USERNAME" archivematica

Where "USERNAME" is the user you wish to add to the group.

Set or change the quarantine period

Open the root's crontab:

sudo crontab -e

Add this line if it doesn't exist. Change the 60 to the desired number of seconds for quarantine.

* * * * * flock -xn /var/lock/quarantine.lock /usr/lib/archivematica/MCPServer/delay/delay.py 60 "/var/archivematica/sharedDirectory/watchedDirectories/quarantined"

Change Agent Organization Name or Repository Code

sudo mousepad /var/archivematica/sharedDirectory/sharedMicroServiceTasksConfigs/createXmlEventsAssist/organization.ini


yourAgentIdentifierType= repository code
yourAgentIdentifierValue= ORG
yourAgentName= Your Organization Name Here
yourAgentType= organization
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