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This how to is provided in addition to the user manual.

Restore a SIP backup

TODO http://code.google.com/p/archivematica/issues/detail?id=546

Modify workflow, to not generate a DIP

TODO http://code.google.com/p/archivematica/issues/detail?id=608

Change the checksum type used in the AIP bagit

open for editing: /etc/archivematica/MCPServer/mcpModulesConfig/Prepare AIP.xml

sudo mousepad /etc/archivematica/MCPServer/mcpModulesConfig/Prepare\ AIP.xml

In commands, in execCommand, change the argument for --payloadmanifestalgorithm from "sha512" to a bagit supported checksum algorythm, ie: md5, sha256, sha1.

<arguments>create "%SIPDirectory%%SIPName%-%SIPUUID%.zip" "%SIPLogsDirectory%" "%SIPObjectsDirectory%" "%SIPDirectory%METS.xml" "%SIPDirectory%metadata/" --writer zip --payloadmanifestalgorithm "sha512"</arguments>

Save and restart archivematica.

External Disk Transfers

TODO http://code.google.com/p/archivematica/issues/detail?id=132

Manual Normalization

TODO http://code.google.com/p/archivematica/issues/detail?id=464

Add/Remove Extensions from inPreservationFormat/inAccessFormat

open for editing: /usr/lib/archivematica/transcoder/transcoderNormalizer.py

sudo mousepad /usr/lib/archivematica/transcoder/transcoderNormalizer.py

Update these two functions:

def inAccessFormat():
    ex=["CSS", "CSV", "HTML", "TXT", "XML", "XSL", \
        "MP3", "PDF", "JPG", "MPG"]
    return transcoder.fileExtension.__str__().upper() in ex

def inPreservationFormat():
    ex=["CSS", "CSV", "HTML", "TXT", "XML", "XSL", \
        "JP2", "PNG", \
        "SVG", "WAV", "TIF", "PDF", "ODP", "TIF", "MXF", "ODT", "ODS", "MBOX", "IMBOX", "AI" ]
    return transcoder.fileExtension.__str__().upper() in ex

Note: the "\" indicates the array continues on the next line.