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Arrange SIP[edit]

  • Retrieve content from transfer backlog. Use the Transfer backlog search bars at the top of the Ingest tab to find the transfer(s) and/or object(s) you'd like to ingest, or browse the entire backlog by clicking Search transfer backlog with a blank search. This will populate the Originals pane of the Ingest dashboard. **Note: Multi-item select is not yet included in this feature, though entire folders/directories can be moved.
Transfer backlog search results in populating Originals pane
  • To hide directories from the originals panel, click on the directory and click Hide.
  • Drag and drop the transfer directory(ies) and/or object(s) you wish to arrange and ingest as a SIP from the Originals pane to the Arrange pane, or create an arrangement structure for your SIP.
  • Click on the directory in the Arrange pane to select, and then click Create SIP. Archivematica will confirm that you wish to create a SIP, and then continue through the ingest process.
  • Create one or more directories in the Arrange panel by clicking on the Add Directory button. You can add separate directories or directories nested inside of each other. **Note: You cannot rename a directory once you have created it; you must delete it and create a directory with a new name.
  • Click and drag files from the originals panel into your desired directory in the arrange panel. You can move either individual files or entire directories. **Note: All files must be in a directory inside of Arrange. “Arrange” cannot be used as the top directory.
Drag and drop from Originals pane to Arrange pane
Create a new directory in Arrange pane
  • When you have completed moving files and directories into the Arrange pane, click on the top level directory which you wish to include in your SIP. Click on Create SIP. Any files or directories which are not inside the directory you chose will remain in the Arrange pane until you create a SIP using these files and directories.
Drag and drop from Originals pane to Arrange pane
  • Archivematica will confirm that you wish to create a SIP and after receiving confirmation, proceed to the next micro-services to create AIPs and DIPs as selected by the user.

The arrangement that you made in the Arrange panel will be reflected in both the structure of the AIP and the structMap in the METS file. When uploaded to AtoM, the SIP structure will not be maintained- all objects will be uploaded as children to the same level of description.