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[edit] File extension(s)


[edit] Format registry information


[edit] Significant characteristics

See Significant characteristics of word processing files

[edit] Preservation action plan

See Word processing files preservation plan

[edit] Preservation Issues

  • The specification for Rich Text Format is published and freely available.
  • From wikipedia ( "Microsoft owns the intellectual property and maintains the format...According to Microsoft's Office 2010 resource kit documentation, Microsoft is discontinuing enhancements to the RTF specification. Further, some new features in Word 2010 and later versions will not save properly to the RTF format."
  • Rich Text Format is still heavily used and can be opened in a large number of software programs. Although it is proprietary, it has a published, freely available format specification. In contrast, we'll continue to normalize wordperfect files to .odt because there is no published spec for the wordperfect format.

[edit] Conversion test results

RTF to ODT using OpenOffice

[edit] More information

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